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Ultimate Family Fun Adventure | 2016 Remaining Models 15-25% Off | Legacy Dodge

Hey guys, it’s Cody here at Legacy Dodge. We’re on our second take already, so hopefully our camera will still get us through.

We have the Ultimate Family Fun Adventure going on here at Legacy Dodge. Come and check it at 324 Gregoire Drive. You have a chance to win $10,000. Still going to put the camera up there. You can come on in, take a look around, see if you can win that $10,000.

On our 2016s, we’re just going to show you what’s going on in our showroom right now. On our 2016 remaining models, we have a Renegade here that’s 15% off the sticker price, so $36,720 goes down to $31,212. You come in. We’ll open up the showroom doors, get you to take it out on the roads, and see if you like it.

Next up, if 15% isn’t up your alley, you got 20% off on our Jeep Patriot. $28,535 drops down to $22,828. So go on down, you take a look at this buggy, or if you’re a Ram truck guy, on our 2016s right now, we have 25% off.

Now there’s only three left, so you want to come down, take them out on the road as soon as possible. This one is $54,380, it’s now $40,785.

Great incentives are going on this month on our remaining 2016s. We got Rambassador on to the end of this month here on our 2017s.

Come on down to 324 Gregoire Drive. Come check it out. My name is Cody, come see me, give us a shout, 780-790-9000.

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Legacy Dodge



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