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About Us

Welcome to Legacy Dodge, let us take a few moments to share some of our background with you, who we are, and how we want every customer to experience being a part of the “Legacy Family”.

Del Bouck, PhD is the owner and Dealer Principal of the all new Legacy Dodge in Fort McMurray, Alberta. He was introduced to the automotive industry while doing some research for his PhD studies, and was approached by a firm to do some consulting, and it was here that Del’s interest was piqued in the automotive industry.

Del has a Doctorate of Philosophy with an Educational Administration and Leadership focus, along with a Master’s Degree, both received from the University of Alberta. He previously worked as a Principal with Edmonton Public Schools in Edmonton, Alberta where he worked with staff and students alike, to bring success to each within the educational field.

Since the beginning of Del’s first introduction to the automotive industry, he has worked in several capacities including Vice-President, General Manager, Executive Director, and Chief Operating Officer in various automotive firms.

Legacy Dodge became an exciting reality for our family as, “my wife’s father was a technician with Chrysler for many years and truly loved his career with Chrysler, until his passing at an early age. We decided that we wanted to create a ‘legacy’ for him, and continue his love and passion of the car dealership and automotive industry”, said Del. As well, he wanted to create and build this legacy for staff and customers alike.

Customer service is of utmost importance to Del. “I love all aspects of the automotive business, but truly appreciate having our customers drive away in their vehicle, and have them excited about their new purchase. We get to share in this special occasion, and want to see people happy and this makes it so exciting for us,” commented Del.

We are very excited to have so many vehicles that our customers are absolutely falling in love with. “Our new Ram 1500, Challenger and SRT8’s are awesome vehicles that bring excitement to this business”, says Del.

Legacy Dodge is a family business, and the team takes care of each customer like they are family. People don’t realize that they do not have to drive to Edmonton to get the best deals on vehicles, but they can get them right here in Fort McMurray. We can offer the best deals with a fantastic sales experience, plus provide service when you may need it. As well, there are the Mopar and CAP-IT accessories to give you that extra custom vehicle, to make it ‘yours’.

Legacy Dodge believes in the community spirit here in Fort McMurray, and wants to be involved in supporting the people of our community. We support the endeavours of our community member groups, and want to assist them in helping those in need.

Kolby Bouck is the General Sales Manager at Legacy Dodge, and brings much experience and expertise to the business. When it comes to helping people find that perfect vehicle, Kolby truly enjoys the experience. His extensive knowledge provides assistance to our customers in getting that one-of-a-kind customer service, and getting that best deal.

Legacy Dodge is a local dealership, right in Fort McMurray, offering a huge vehicle inventory with excellent incentives and rebates. “We care about the products we sell, and have a great sales staff to help you, get the vehicle you’re looking for”, says Kolby.

There is no reason to take the long drive out of town to buy or look, or even service your vehicle. “We offer excellent inventory selection, with new vehicles arriving daily, so come and pick out yours today, plus our service is second to none. Legacy Dodge offers you everything right here”, Kolby states.

We are looking for new people to become our customers for life, we are excited to welcome you to the “Legacy” family. Let Your Legacy Start Here.