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Rambassador Program – Employee Pricing | 2017 Ram 1500 Models | Fort McMurray, AB

Hey guys, Cody here at Legacy Dodge, 324 Gregoire Drive.

Our last Facebook video, I talked to you guys about what was going on with our 2016 incentives. This one, I want to show you what’s going on with our 2017s.

So we have Rambassador Program out right now, until the end of the month. So what that means is that you guys pay what I pay to get it, including 1500s. So this is a program with 0% financing available. It’s a great, great, great way to save some money and get yourself into a new truck for exactly what I pay.

So I want to show you, on our limited, what we have here. This is the top-of-the-line 1500. Want you to take a quick look on the inside here. As you can see it’s got Italian leather, 8.4″ touchscreen, Nav. It’s fully loaded, ready to go.

So come on down to Legacy Dodge at 324 Gregoire Drive. Give us a shout at 780-790-9000. Ask for Cody. We’ll get this thing out. Take it out on a ride. See if you like it, and then we’ll get you into a new Ram for exactly what I pay.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge



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