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2017 Chrysler Pacifica Lineup | LX – Limited | Fort Mac, AB

Hey guys, it’s Cody here at 324 Gregoire Drive at Legacy Dodge. Since we’re a family-run business, I want to touch base with you guys on our family vehicles. We have the all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica.

These are the most luxurious minivans on the market. They have everything you want, any packages you can get them in, chances are we have it here. We have everything you need from a basic LX model right up to a limited.

You can get heated and cooled seats, leather seats, there’s multiple interior options available, and there’s also different colours available on the exterior as well. We have everything from a backup camera, 360-degree camera. We have games in the back for the kids. I was on a test drive the other day, and I ended up playing checkers in the backseat for about 10 minutes so if it keeps me occupied chances are it will end up keeping your kids occupied.

I want to introduce you to my colleague Anis, and he will touch base a bit more about the features.

Hey guys, my name is Anis from Legacy Dodge as my friend Cody mentioned. We have the 2017 Pacifica’s that I want to show you a couple of options on. One of the luxurious, one of the most luxurious vehicles we have. Touchscreen controls everything we have in here, dual DVDs and the panoramic sunroof that covers everything in the vehicle.

Some of the nice features of the safety are blind side monitoring in the 360 camera front, back sensors to keep you safe on the road.

There you have it! Come on down to Legacy Dodge 324 Gregoire Drive. Bring the kids, bring the whole family let’s get this out on the road I know you’re going to love it. Come see myself, Cody or my friend Anis. Let Your Legacy Start Here.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge



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