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2017 Chrysler 300 C Platinum AWD | Gorgeous Look, Amazing Features | Fort Mac, AB

Hey guys, it’s Cody here at 324 Gregoire Drive at Legacy Dodge, just want to show you our new 2017 Chrysler 300C.

It’s a platinum, and it’s all wheel drive. It’s a luxurious vehicle so let’s take a look on the inside. Leather, 8.4-inch touchscreen, GPS navigation, Apple Carplay, Google Auto. It’s got everything you need.

You got coffee in your cupholders, well it’ll keep it warm for you. Take a spin around back here to the trunk. You’re going out golfing, and if you’re a golfer like myself you can take all your friends with you in this thing, and you’ll arrive in style. You can fit all their clubs in there, take it down to the golf course, hopefully shoot under par. I don’t but hopefully you guys can.

It’s got a built-in backup camera here. If you’re looking for a luxurious car, this is it. Come on down to Legacy Dodge give us a shout at (780) 790-9000

Let’s get this out for a test drive. Give me a call Cody come on down to Legacy Dodge. Let Your Legacy Start Here.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge



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