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Why the Cummins Diesel Engine?

Why does Dodge choose the Cummins Diesel Engine for its Ram lineup? The answer is simple, Cummins engines hold up to the high quality standards Dodge is known for. The most common engines found in Ram trucks are the 5.9L six-cylinder and the 6.7L version of the Cummins straight six engine.

What makes a Cummins a reliable choice? Cummins has its own test track to ensure they are supplying quality products. They also have test trucks in cities where they constantly undergo stop and starting environments. They even had a truck run continuously for 270,000 miles and it ran great long after. Cummins even continues to test their products to look for possible improvements.

Cummins is the only company in the industry to meet the 2010 EPA standards for NOx emissions with the release in early 2007 of its new 6.7-liter turbo diesel engine for the Dodge Ram Heavy Duty pickup.

That is why Cummins and Ram have teamed up to create a dominant beast of a truck which will outlast the competition. Come on down to Legacy Dodge and see the difference for yourself.

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