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Used Car Loans Explained

Whether your are looking for a used vehicle that is just a year or two old or something older, Legacy Auto Group has what you are looking for. When people are looking for a certain year and dollar amount it is important to remember that the older the vehicle is the shorter the term the bank will finance the vehicle.

For example:

A 2008 Ram truck that costs $15,000 with a 48 month term will yield $184 for bi-weekly payments. If we were to compare that to a 2013 Ram that costs $32,000 with an 84 month term will yield $250 for bi-weekly.

When you get the longer term loan with a lower rate, you can get a lot more vehicle for close to the same monthly payments. When looking at used vehicles keep in mind that financing the year of the vehicle has a big impact on your payment and your term.

Please visit our website and let us know how we can help you find the perfect vehicle and the perfect financing plan!

Ross North



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