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Jeff’s Thank-You to His Customers

Jeff: Hey Fort McMurray, I want to thank you for making me the #1 Automotive Specialist in town.

I want to thank my loyal customers. In only two years, I’ve helped over 500 families find the perfect new vehicle.

Thank you for putting your trust in me. Thank you for sharing your stories. And, thank you for making me the most reviewed, most recommended and referred guy in town.

Without you, Fort McMurray wouldn’t know how good the vehicles, deals, and service really are.

Buying a vehicle shouldn’t be stressful and you shouldn’t have to go out of town to get better service or a better deal.

When you’re in the market for a vehicle, come on in and chat with Jeff Batchelor. You’ll be glad you did.

Jeff Batchelor

You can also reach him online:

Facebook and Insta: @jeffreybatchelorlegacydodge

Call/Text: (416) 523-6585



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