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Jeep 4×4 System Basics

4×4 Basics | Going Anywhere The Road Leads


When picking out a Jeep, you aren’t just looking at the engine, the comfortable interior or the snazzy styling. You also want a vehicle that can go where you want to go, no matter where the road may lead.

With Jeep vehicles, you have eight options for 4×4. Some systems are standard to certain vehicles and available as options on others. For instance, the Rock-Trac 4WD is standard on Wrangler Rubicon and Unlimited Rubicon and is ideal for high range or low range and can handle sharp inclines or drive over obstacles like rocks and logs.

Command-Trac I 4WD allows you to shift into gear for crawling over rocks in low range or neutral when you are towing on flat land. It is standard on the Wrangler Sport and Unlimited Sport and Wrangler Sahara and Unlimited Sahara.

If you are considering a Jeep Liberty, the Selec-Trac II 4WD is an on-demand system that works in either high or low range and can handle about any road surface. It is ideal for steep grades or in areas where there is poor traction. Just flip it into 4WD low with a switch on your console.

The system that is standard on the Grand Cherokee Laredo is the Quadra-Trac I 4WD. Upgrade to Quadra-Trac II or find it standard on the Grand Cherokee Limited and Overland. Both systems are designed for high range and operates in this mode all of the time with no need for driver direction. Meanwhile, the Quadra-Drive II 4WD is available on the Grand Cherokee Overland and can handle almost any driving environment with optimal performance.

The last system for Jeeps is the Freedom-Drive I and II 4WD. It works in both high and low range. The Freedom-Drive I 4WD comes standard on the Compass 4×4 and Patriot 4×4 while the II is an upgrade on both models as part of the Freedom Drive II Off Road Group.

Check out the perfect vehicle designed for off-road as much as on-road when you visit Legacy Dodge, and let your legacy start here. With a Jeep, it’s not just about getting to your destination, it’s in how you get there.

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Legacy Dodge



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