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Customized 2017 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon | Mopar Fox Lift | Fort Mac, AB

How are you doing guys? Drew Hawkins here, Parts Manager at Legacy Dodge – 324 Gregoire Drive.

Look what we have here, Hyper Green 2017 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Take the top off, take the doors off. You guys know what it’s all about. Jeep Life.

Now this one’s outfitted beautifully, we have a Mopar suspension lift with Fox Dual reservoirs shocks. Full warranty on this bad boy. For rubber we got some Mopar Country AT2 wrapped around 17″ wheels. Around the front, classic Jeep Grille and new to the 2017 LED headlights. I love these.

I’m making our way around, let’s have a quick look in the front seat. Really in love with this leather interior – stitched Rubicon on the seats, full navigation, manual transmission and an upgraded Alpine stereo system. Quick peek in the back incase you are carrying some passengers. Lots of space there.

Now in the back, as I was mentioning earlier, the Alpine Stereo system you have an all-weather subwoofer right in the ground there tucked in behind the embroidered Jeep mat. We got the tow package on this puppy. A great Jeep guys, we have gone over the top with this one.

Now if you can see yourself inside one of these or want one like it. Talk to us down at Legacy Dodge. See our great Sales Team or myself and my Parts Members, and we will take care of you. Again, Drew Hawkins, Legacy Dodge – 324 Gregoire Drive. Phone number (780) 790-9000. Hope to see you soon.

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Legacy Dodge



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