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Consider a Used Vehicle from Legacy Dodge.

When someone walks onto the lot at Legacy Dodge, they are more than likely looking to upgrade to a bigger and badder vehicle which usually leads to trade-ins.

An inspection has to be passed in order for a vehicle to be sold at Legacy Dodge; an inspection that the province of Alberta requires. Thus, your trade-in has to be inspected before the dealerships will trade it in. If your vehicle do not pass the inspection the, dealership is forced to wholesale the vehicle. Wholesaling means it will have to be looked over to see how much money the dealership will have to put into the vehicle, in order to be able to sell it. This is not an ideal situation.

Everyone wants a brand new truck but sometimes the ideal choice could be a used vehicle. Whether it be as a secondary vehicle for the family or you are on a tight budget consider, a used vehicle from Legacy Dodge is always a good choice.

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Legacy Dodge



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