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Boys and Girls Club Donation from Legacy Dodge

Legacy Dodge - Boys and Girls Club Donation

Legacy Dodge donated a van to the Fort McMurray Boys and Girls Club. The Executive Director, Howard Rensler, of the club couldn’t be more happy, “It is a wonderful thing.”

This van is going to greatly increase the level of service the Fort McMurray Boys and Girls Club can provide to its little patrons. “We are going to use it for all sorts of things,” commented Rensler. “To and from programs and outings and we have several special needs who require special transportation. We are also going to use it for publicity,go to various events such as the Legacy Dodge Santa Claus Parade.”

Not only will the new Dodge Grand Caravan charter kids and volunteers around, it will be put to good use for moving cargo. “We will use it to move supplies and burliery materials. We are using it for the Halloween Carnival Shadow Boo.” said Rensler.

The van couldn’t have come at a better time. The club had been using passenger cars on a volunteer basis. “We didn’t have vehicle of any sort. We used passenger cars of staff, which can be a little troublesome sometimes,” adds Rensler.

Dr. Del Bouck surprised Rensler with the van. “We got the van indirectly. I had approached Del back in the summer to see if he wanted to advertise in the school year calendar the club produces. We chatted for a long time; he is very involved in the community, especially children,” said Rensler. “He then asked if we had a vehicle. My answer was no. Then he asked if we could use one. My answer was definitely. It was his idea to donate the van. 3 weeks later and said we are giving you a van.”

Legacy Dodge - Boys and Girls Club Donation

This heartfelt donation from out of the blue really touched Rensler. “I’m was almost was brought to tears. I am a hulking, bearded man and nobody wants to see that, but I almost did,” sincerely joked Rensler.

This fortunate, serendipitous meeting of the minds has allowed the Fort McMurray Boys and Girls Club to better serve the children of the community. “Del and Legacy Dodge here in Fort McMurray are established, corporate citizen and we are very happy to have them here,” said Rensler.

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