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15-30% Off MSRP Pricing | Until January 16th | 2016 Jeep Cherokee High Altitude | Fort Mac, AB

Hello, it is Eric Joseph here at Legacy Dodge.  I’ve got some great news for you guys we have 15-30% off the MSRP price of ALL brand new 2016 inventory!

Right here we have a Jeep Cherokee High Altitude Edition with your heated seats, heated steering wheel, back-up camera, navigation and four-by-four. Regularly $43,765, we can offer it to you for $35,000 with savings of around $8,700 off!


Come in and take a look inside this vehicle. It’s got some options, it’s going to be comfortable, you’re going to love it!

Again, it’s Eric here at Legacy Dodge. Any questions feel free to call in or ask for me. We’ll be here to help you out!

Sales team
Legacy Dodge



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